May 12, 2018

With an elevation of over 4,200 m, Zardkuh is the second highest mountain in the central Zagros mountain range after Dena. Lying in Chaharmahal and Bkhtiyari Province, the lofty mountain stands between 2 large rivers, named Kuhrang and Bazoft, and therefore is filled with many gorgeous landscapes.
Running from northwest to southeast, Zardkuh Mountain boasts distinctive jagged summits. It holds 10 peaks over 4,000 m high; the highest is Kolonchin, 4,221 m tall.
The mountain’s highlights include deep valleys, glaciers, lakes and oak forests. Milk vetches, artichoke, thyme and medicinal herbs are found on the hills. It is a habitat for animals like wolves, bears, rabbits, goats, swallows and nightingales.
The main water source in the region, the mountain features 2 rich rivers of the country, Karun (Iran’s largest river) and Zayandehrood, originating on the slopes of Zardkuh Mountains.
Mountain climbers and adventurous tourists will undoubtedly enjoy their visit to the soaring mountain. Their demanding ascent rewards them with a panoramic view of the beautiful surrounding area in spring and summer. Also the sight of nomads’ migration with their herds of sheep, goats and domestic animals is amazing. Picturesque scenery on the laborious journey can be recorded on photos and videos.
Interestingly, women have joined the eager mountaineers to experience a challenging excursion with the rest of the group (always led by professional male mountain climbers). They also willingly take part in hiking activities. The easier pathway might be daunting to amateur climbers particularly in wintertime when heavy snow and extreme weather conditions go on for 3 to 4 days non-stop, making it difficult to ascend.

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