Iran Heart Surgery Tourism

August 31, 2018
Iran Heart Surgery Tourism
Iran Heart Surgery Tourism

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In today’s era, health care has become an important area, which needs attention. People from various parts travel to various countries, which offer excellent quality health care services. With such an operation as open-heart surgery, the expertise of the doctors and the techniques they use is of paramount importance. Heart surgeries, for instance, open-heart surgery costs in the region of $50,000 in the UK and $60,000 in the USA, but can cost as little as $3-10,000 in Iran, a saving of up to $50,000!

Iran Heart Surgery Tourism-Cardiology in Iran

As far as the heart surgery and other heart treatments are concerned, Iran offers various medical and surgical procedures for heart diseases. Iranian heart specialists hold highest scientific levels in assessment and treatment of cardiac disorders. They provide both the local and international patients with medical services of high quality by performing very advanced heart surgeries. Many hospitals and cardiac surgeons of Iran are renowned for doing most complex heart operations. If we talk about the fact, out of 25,000 angioplasties and pacemaker surgeries during the past 10 years in Iran, not a single surgery-related death is reported.

Iran heart treatment facilities

Iran is a world leader in heart surgery and medical treatments generally as people travel in increasing numbers annually to take advantage of lower costs world class treatments and unrivalled expertise. The most important thing is that the heart patients need a speedy treatment and they can’t wait for days or months. In Iran, your operation can completed quickly with the minimum of fuss. Hospitals are fully equipped with the latest medical technology and they’re best suited for heart procedures such as angioplasty, angiography, echo, CABG etc.

Common cardiac treatments and surgeries in Iran

Echocardiography in Iran

Echocardiography test is a procedure that uses ultrasound waves to take real-time images called echocardiogram of the heart. It is basically used to diagnose the valve disease in the heart. If the patient experiences irregular heartbeat, cardiologist can recommend the test of echocardiography. In Iran, several renowned cardiac hospitals provide this facility at a very low cost.

Cost of echocardiography in Iran

The cost of standard echocardiogram in USA ranges from $1,000 to $2,400. Its cost in Europe is about $1,000 to $2,000. In Iran, Echocardiography will cost you only $15 to $20.

Angiography in Iran

In this procedure, surgeon gets access to the heart through the main artery either from the arm or the leg. A contrast material is used to get X-ray images to the heart. As a result, he can diagnose the blocked arteries. It is specifically used to evaluate coronary artery disease (CAD).

Cost of angiography in Iran

In Europe and the USA, the cost of angiography ranges from $5,000 to $30,000. But in Iran, you pay less than half of these rates like $150.

Angioplasty in Iran

In this procedure, a balloon-tipped catheter is used to open the narrowed or blocked heart arteries to restore the normal blood flow. The balloon-tipped catheter is passed through an artery and it is inflated at the spot where the artery is blocked. Besides, stunts are also used to open the blocked arteries. Surgeons decide how many stents are required to restore the normal blood flow.

Cost of angioplasty in Iran

You pay $2,000 for angioplasty in Iran while you pay $15,000 in the USA and Europe.

CABG in Iran

Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) in Iran is a surgical procedure to treat CAD. In this procedure, a healthy vein or artery is used to bypass the blocked heart artery to restore the blood flow. Single or multiple grafts are used depending upon the number of closed points in the heart arteries. Cardiac surgeons in Iran perform this operation with utmost professionalism. Quick recovery of the patients is further ensured through top-notch facilities and the latest technology.

Cost of CABG in Iran

You expect to pay $70,000-$1, 20,000 for CABG in the USA and Europe while in Iran, CABG ranges from $1,000 to $15,000.


Heart valve replacement surgery in Iran

Heart valve replacement in Iran is a surgical procedure involving the replacement of one or more heart valves. Heart valves close and open to maintain the one-way flow of the blood within the heart. In Iran, high-end and expensive medical devices are used for diagnosis and treatment.

Cost of heart valve replacement surgery in Iran

Cost of valve replacement in Iran ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 and in the USA and Europe, it costs from $50,000 to $2, 50,000.

Aortic surgery in Iran

Aorta, the largest artery, carries the oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of the body. During the heartbeat, the aortic valve closes and opens to maintain the one-way blood flow through the heart. There are several medical issues that affect the aorta. Aortic surgery may be necessary to treat the medical problems like aortic dissection (tears and holes in the aortic valve), aortic aneurysm (enlarged aorta) or the aortic valve replacement.

Cost of aortic surgery in Iran

The cost of aortic surgery in Iran ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 while in USA and Europe; it ranges from $50,000 to $2, 00,000.

Why choose Iran for heart surgery

Iranian cardiologists are highly qualified and experienced professionals. Besides, Iran is among the top ten countries in dealing cardiac diseases. As far as the cost is concerned, there is no match between Iran and the western nations. It is like paying pennies for heart treatment if you compare the cost with the USA or Europe.

Price comparison chart:

Surgical procedures



(Price in USD)


(Price in USD)


(Price in USD)







4500 – 25000







70,000-1, 20,000

70,000-1, 20,000


Heart valve replacement surgery




Aortic surgery






Tehran Heart Center

Dr.Hameed Raza

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, كارگر شمالی، Iran

Phone: +98 21 8802 9600


Imam Khomeini Hospital


Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Chamran, East, Highway, Baqerkhan St, Iran

Phone: +98 21 6119 0000


Sina Hospital


Address: Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Phone: +98 21 63120


Baqiyat Allah Hospital


Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Imamzadeh, حسنی کیا، Iran

Phone: +98 21 2229 0204


Kowsar Hospital


Address: Kowsar Hospital Library, Kowsar Hospital, Shiraz, Iran

Phone: +98 71 36363660


Imam Hossein Hotel Hospital


Address: Abad Boulevard and Kiel, Three Way High School Mashhad, Iran

Phone: +985138816010


Gandhi Hotel Hospital


Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 6, Vozara Street, Iran

Phone: +98 21 4260 3000



Final thought

Heart treatment and surgery facilities are of high-quality in Iran. You can expect a very low cost but the standards of hospitals would never let you down. You can enjoy holidays in Iran while passing the post-operation period. Several tourists’ attractions are worth visiting in cities like Tehran, Shiraz etc.

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