Cheshmeh Ali

May 12, 2018

Originally named Hezar Cheshmeh or Aali Bulagh, this seasonal river is a branch of the Damghanrud and Astaaneh rivers. Stemming from the southern valleys of Shahkuh Mountain, it leads to Dasht-e Kavir. Annually, the river brings a total of 30 million cubic meters of water into the fields of the city.

One major tourist attraction in Damghan, Semnan Province, the river’s showpiece is a former summer resort for the Qajar kings, composed of 2 pavilions in reflecting pools. History has it that Fathali Shah, the second Qajar king, was fond of his hometown, Damghan. On one of his journeys, he ordered the building of the mansions, beautified by the verses of the great poets of the time engraved in stone. The 2-storey mansions are of bare brick amid the water. Once inside the buildings, you will enjoy an open atmosphere surrounded by water. It is said that a mosque, Hammam (bath house), and guard house were also built on the site but were damaged over years.

The national heritage site, lying on Damghan-Sari Road, boasts the surrounding gardens, and beautiful lush mountains irrigated by Cheshmeh Ali River. As a good option for travelers seeking views of the hills and valleys, it is a summer destination for those who run away from the neighboring hot cities to experience a refreshing trip in a cool, green atmosphere.

The compound offers facilities for domestic and foreign sightseers; suites and cottages, a small shopping mall, ice cream parlors, a traditional eatery, a teahouse, an amusement park, and a bookstore are most notable. A parking lot is also available. The entrance fee per person is IR 10000 at the time of the report.

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