Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province

September 4, 2019

There are 31 provinces in Iran and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province  is one of them. It is the capital of Shahr-e Kord and lies in the southwestern division of the country.

The province became the part of Region 2, solely for the organization and for the purpose of development. With an area of 16,332 square kilometers, and had a population of 895,263 approx.


The  Bakhtiari tribe is the people of this province. The tribe can be divided into Haft Lang and Chahar Lang following the different territorial affiliations and Lurish is the prime language of the region.  The other groups of people in this province are the Chahar Mahali’s who lived side by side sharing almost similar customs.

However, there is often quite a bit of intermixing of the people through marriage. The number of cities like Broujen, Ben, Shahr-e Kord, Naafch and Saman fall in the Chahar Mahali area of the province and are generally not inhabited by Lurs.

The people of this province are very simple and lead a very uncomplicated life but capable of being a worthy worrier and fighters whenever circumstances made it necessary.

Migration culture

For Bakhtiyari tribe, a migration which  is the part of their culture symbolizes the province’s rich culture in which nomads who travels from place to place the struggle for yet another wonderful life in green fields and pastures. Therefore, running into tribal nomads spreading tents and free herds across the hills, it is a happy place for  the photographer.

Men and women outfits

The outfits of men and women outfits are exciting for the visitors. Men wear,  fret hats, Giveh, trousers, puttees, shawl, and Chogha and women are clothed in Lachak, headband, floral patterned dress, skirt pants, vest, footwear and Chador.

Taste the delicacies

Once you are in here,  never miss the sample taste its special delicacies. The  top options that you should try are Ash-e Doogh, Gooreh Mast, Kal Jush, and Kachi.N

Review #2

A wondrous nature west of Iran, Bakhtiyari lands have tourist attractions galore; many only explored by locals. So you will have lots of things to see here.  Delicate weather beckons everyone in summer and spring, best time to enjoy copious scenic landscapes in gorgeous surrounding mountain settings.

Enchanting waterfalls and rivers are Cheshmeh Barm, Atashgah Waterfall, and Tahlijan Fall among others. The small province accounts for 10 % of the country’s water supply; so it is packed with lots of interesting natural attractions. Choghakhor Lagoon is a striking sight, a top sightseeing drawcard for domestic and foreign sightseers. A must-do here is to watch amazing native and travelling birds and lots of clicks are a good idea here.

Although over half of the population, here, reside in urban areas; hundreds of villages might be the most intriguing part of your journey. Deep in rural cultures, the province offers amazing strolling opportunities in its astonishing countryside besides getting to know rural customs and admire slow-paced, stress-free life style. The city slickers will find it a worthwhile journey.

Migration is part of the culture of Bakhtiyari tribe; symbolizing the province’s fruitful culture in which itinerant nomads travel from spot to spot and have struggling yet wonderful life in green fields and pastures. Therefore, you might run into many tribal nomads with spread tents and free herds across the hills; a nice place for photographing.

Men and women’s outfits are interesting to many visitors: men wear fret hats, Giveh (light cotton summer shoes), trousers, puttees, shawl, and Chogha (a cloak with white-black-hued vertical lines) and women are clothed in Lachak (a babushka scarf in vivid colors), headband, floral patterned dress, skirt pants, vest, footwear and Chador.

Once in the province, don’t forget to sample taste its specialty delicacies; Top options to try include Ash-e Doogh, Gooreh Mast, Kal Jush, and Kachi. Organic foodstuffs produced in farms and gardens are mixed together to make out of this world dishes. My own favorite thing is Kabab-e Bakhtiyari; a toothsome cuisine which can’t be as authentic in other cities of the country.

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