September 13, 2018

An old festivity in Iran, Nowruz is celebrated among Iranians around the globe and appreciated thanks to its rich background. Here is a short historical account of this happy occasion.

Meaning a new day, the iconic customary Nowruz represents the ancient culture and customs of the Persians.

In good old days, it was a glorious, social event when people gathered around to worship God and rejoiced their victory in life as a heavenly miracle; every year they would express their gratefulness for all the blessings form God.

The celebrations included traditional dances, music and chanting. They would build fires and sacrifice many sheep, cows, or camels. A portion was prepared over fire for a banquet and the rest was given out to the poor and needy. This way, they started their blessed, fortunate new year, while enjoying themselves and improved their sense of humanity in the event.

Right when the earth is going through transformations, the new Persian year starts with all its allure and charm; spring is the symbol of joyfulness, prettiness, freshness, and excitement for Iranians. Trees in the gardens begin blooming and sprouts embellish the brown bare branches and twigs. Green is the conquering color among copious shades of colors; it denotes renewal, high spirits and rejuvenation. Colorful blossoms and scented flowers make a fantastic paradise around you. The sun glows beautifully to light up the day for a longer time. The weather is transforming too; an hour of pleasant sunshine and another hour of shower. Everywhere you look, you will just feel euphoria and ecstasy.

With all these enlightening scenes in nature, isn’t it the best time to have fun and praise the beauties and generosity of lovely nature?

That’s why Iranians welcome springtime and start their New Year in a delightful, lively ambience.

They have still retained their ancient custom of the feast of Nowruz and inspired by their ancestors they start their blissful New Year in the unrivaled spring.

On my upcoming post, I will talk more about this cheerful feast. So stick around!

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