How Mashhad Is Booming?

September 13, 2018

The holy shrine of Imam Reza PBUH has made Mashhad a spiritual hub for millions of tourists. Packs of travelers from Iran as well as many other countries come over to pay a pilgrimage. They find it a place full of serenity and composure and pray till you feel calm and confident.
Statistics show that in 2022, each year 31 million visitors will pay visit to the city, that is, on peak seasons, each night 580 pilgrims should be accommodated and on off-peak seasons 350 travelers should have access to appropriate lodgings.
The thriving city has been developing its luxury, and medium rate hotels over the last couple of years, turning into the most popular pilgrim site across the country. Apartment hotels are also springing up progressively almost everywhere.
In this post, I’m addressing four of the most celebrated hotels that cater for tourists to the city.
Hotel-e Gahsr-e Talai
The luxury hotel holds 357 rooms and offers high-quality service. With its cozy traditional teahouse, coffee net and grocery shops, it is a comfortable place to stay. Free Wi-Fi and parking lot are also available.
Hotel-e Darvishi
Another posh hotel, it contains 223 rooms and a conference hall, coffee shop, pool, laundry, and shopping mall as well as fast food courts and international restaurants. It also offers free Wi-Fi, and parking lot. With its penthouses and Jacuzzi, it seems to be good housing.
Hotel Javad
The 4-star hotel includes 104 comfortable rooms and offers good service you expect in luxury hotels. Free internet connection and parking are available. It is a 16 minute drive to the international airport and 13 minutes to the railway station.
Hotel Homa 2
The 5 star hotel with its 207 furnished rooms receives national and international guests. Among other things it offers sports ground, pool, Jacuzzi, tennis court, and body building salon.
Drive time from the hotel to the international airport is 24 minutes and 20 minutes from the railway station.

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