August 14, 2019

Qalikuh, also spelled as Qaliyekhuh, stands in Aligudarz, in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiyari. A remarkable mountain in Zagros range, it offers fascinating landscapes you will hardly ever find elsewhere. Home to gorgeous  caves, it stretches to the breathtaking field of inverted tulip, arguably the largest tulip field in the world. It ends in a postcard-view waterfall, known as Ab Sefid. 

One beautiful highlight is an impassible valley named Daam ( Persian for trap) as it is a habitat for wild animals like bears. The largest glacier of the mountain lies in this path. 

Among other attractions is an amazing tree, called Ooras locally, growing from within the hard rocks. Locals believe that the old tree burns in lightening to give life to the replacing young trees. 

Aptly famed as a cool climbing place in Iran, it is visited by hikers and rock climbers. They backpack enthusiastically to hit the mountain to take in the beauty and experience a victorious day conquering the peak, 4,100 m high. Snapshots are a must-try here!

As of 2006, the mount has appropriately become a conservation area to protect the notable wildlife here. Accounting for some 30,000 square km, the protected place is under the supervision of the  Environment Department. There is also a forbidden-hunting ground, at 113,000 hectares. 

The snow-blanketed peak feeds the rivers that flow through almost all year round. The existence of waters equals abundance of plants: a variety of flora species grow in the land involving oak trees, hawthorns, wild figs, pears, pistachios, raspberries, tulips and jonquils. 

Plus dramatic animals life is seen here. Rams,  goats, hyenas, wolves, foxes, rabbits, wild cats, bears, leopards, wild pigs are most remarkable. The mountain is also a nestle for birds like red-beaked crows, partridges, doves, vultures, eagles, ringdoves, larks, and hawks. 

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