Abbas Barzegar, An entrepreneur on tourism

September 11, 2018

How Did This Man Become Famous Overnight?

Tourism entrepreneur Abbas Barzegar has expanded the tourism potentials of his beautiful village Bazm, in Shiraz. He receives many guests and sightseers from tens of countries around the world such as Australia and Canada. Once a peddler in the city, the young billionaire has now managed to develop tourism in the village and help all villagers financially.

Barzegar’s creativity and brilliance made him a rich man after he ran into two Germans. Let’s hear his story in his own words:

“In a rainy dark night in the village, I came across two foreign visitors with their interpreter. They were exhausted, desperate and frustrated. I asked them to come over to my home, and they did so. We had no good edibles for them so we just decided to serve them with our own meal, Dampokhtak, literally rice and tomato. My wife gave them a friendly welcome, and after the meal we made them cups of tea on an open fire. We spread our simple beds for them and spent the whole night on the floor ourselves. I noticed one of them, a 20-year-old boy, was sad. I asked the interpreter the reason behind his sadness. He answered, he is homesick. My little daughter and son came up with a plan to cheer up the unhappy boy.

“Ali and Zahra broke their still bank and asked someone to buy them a small cake from the city. They then took their mum’s sewing machine table and decorated it with a colorful tablecloth. They collected all of their toys and put them on the table along with the beautiful cake. They made a birthday celebration for the young boy to make him happy. He was so excited that he started shooting the lovely scene right away. “

“Later on, we found out that the foreigners had come from an educated German family; the father was a television director and mum was a journalist. As soon as they left Iran, they disseminated the news and images worldwide. After that we have been receiving many tourists from abroad.”

He goes on, “I didn’t do anything special; I just received them with friendliness and affection. We served them our simple yet delicious local meals, home-made yogurt and cheese. And fortunately they enjoyed their stay in the village.”

The world-known 38-year-old villager who now owns the touristic cottage has created job opportunities for his friends in the village as well.

Barzegar has found his way to the UNESCO Tourism Guidebook as a successful tourism entrepreneur.

The village welcomes tourists with fresh, healthy food directly picked from farms and gardens. Among the well-developed villages, Bazm offers unique herbs shops, exquisite handicrafts, and high-quality honey as well as fresh vegetables. It has lots of interesting things to offer; so you will have to travel on your own to see how it feels like to stay in this lively village that Abbas Barzegar made famous.

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