Cancer Treatment in Iran

August 31, 2018
Cancer Treatment in Iran
Cancer Treatment in Iran

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With the huge leaps that medical science has achieved, there are a number of treatment options now available to people suffering from cancer. As far as the cancer treatment is concerned, it depends upon several factors such as the type of the cancer, its severity, the extent of the disease, and also its cost. However, sometimes, it becomes quite tough for cancer patients to get treatment in their homeland due to the high costs of medical care. As a matter of fact, the high cost of cancer treatment in the developed countries makes a sizeable number of patients to scout for alternate locations for cancer treatment such as Iran.

Cancer Treatment in Iran

Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz Institute for Cancer Research, Cancer Research Center are among the renowned cancer treatment centers in Iran. These cancer research and treatment centers offer world class facilities to patients coming from all regions of the world. Besides, Iranian institutes are known for early diagnose of cancer and using the methods to cure the cancer with least side-effects. Cancer Treatment in Iran involves the procedures like chemotherapy (outpatient and inpatient beds), radiation (linear accelerator and CT simulator), surgical (operation room and intensive care unit) and palliative care services.

Various cancer treatments in Iran

Let’s cast a cursory glance at various cancer types in Iran and the procedures involved.

Chemotherapy in Iran

Depending on the type of cancer you have, your medical oncologist in Iran may recommend chemotherapy as part of your treatment plan. It helps to stop or retard the growth of cancerous cells. It also affects the healthy cells but healthy cells recover after the chemotherapy. Sometimes, cancer patients in Iran are only recommended chemotherapy while in other situations; they are also recommended procedures like radiation, biological therapy and surgery along with the chemotherapy. Iranian doctors perform the chemotherapy sessions depending upon the severity of the disease and the type of the cancer.

Cost of chemotherapy in Iran

In Europe and the USA, the cost of chemotherapy ranges from $7,000 to $40,000. But in Iran, you pay $1,000.

Breast cancer treatment in Iran

Breast Cancer is an ailment that seriously hampers person emotionally, especially a woman. It is the principal cause of women mortality worldwide. The problem is it shows no symptoms of pain at the early stages so it becomes quite tough to diagnose it. According to the Iranian cancer research centers, following symptoms show that you might be suffering from breast cancer.

Change in shape and size of the breast

Lump in the breast

Changes in the skin of nipples or other abnormalities in breast nipples

Skin dimpling

Blood stained single duct discharge

In Iran, several breast cancer cures are applied. These medical treatments and surgical procedures include breast conserving surgery, skin sparing mastectomy, simple mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, radical mastectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB), axillary lymph node dissection, hormone therapy, medication therapy, biological therapy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Cost of breast cancer treatment in Iran

It will cost you between $5,000 to $30,000 in Iran while in the USA or Europe; you’ll have to pay from $15,000 to$60,000.

Bone marrow transplant in Iran

Bone marrow manufactures white blood cells. It is present in the long bones of the body. It is a process to replace destroyed or damaged bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cells. Before the transplant, radiation or chemotherapy or both are performed. In Iran, three types of bone marrow transplants are performed:

Allogeneic bone marrow transplant

Umbilical cord blood transplant

Autologous bone marrow transplant

Donor stem cells are collected by two methods


Bone marrow harvest

Cost of bone marrow transplant in Iran

It will cost you between $7,000 to $35,000 in Iran while in the USA or Europe; you’ll have to pay from $3, 50,000 to$1,000,000.

Radiation therapy in Iran

In Iranian cancer research centers and hospitals, high-energy radiation is used to kill or shrink tumor. Charged particles, X-rays and Gamma-rays are the types of radiations used to treat cancer. Almost, more than half of the cancer patients receive such therapy at one or another cancer stage.

Cost of radiation therapy in Iran

It will cost you between $2,500 to $7,000 in Iran while in the USA or Europe; you’ll have to pay from $5,000 to$30,000.


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Breast cancer treatment




Bone marrow transplant




Radiation therapy





Types of cancers treated in Iran

Iranian hospitals offer various cancer treatments including:

Vaginal cancer, Vaginal Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Salivary Glands Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Chest Cancer, Breast Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Breast Cancer, Chest Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Bone Cancer, Breast Cancer, Jaw Cancer, Oral Cancer,   Lung Cancer, Skin Cancer, Jaw Cancer, etc

Why choose Iran for cancer treatment

From radiation therapy to bone marrow transplant, Iranian doctors and surgeons offer best cancer treatments for both the local and the international patients. Besides, cancer treatment is quite costly around the world especially in the developed countries. In such a situation, Iran is a favorable medical tourism destination for cancer treatment.

Iranian famous cancer treatment hospitals and doctors:







Mahak Hospital and Rehabilitation Complex

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Jannat, No. artesh، Iran

Phone: +98 21 23540

Jam Hospital

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Fajr St, Iran

Phone: +98 21 8882 0091

Razavi Hospital

Address: Shahrak-e-Emam Hadi, Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran

Phone: +98 51 3666 8888

Milad Hospital

Address: District 2, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Phone: +98 21 84090

Noorafshar Hospital

Address: Tehran Province, TehranSadeghin, Ira

Phone: +98 21 2282 4060

Shariati Hospital

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 6, Iran1411713135

Phone: +98 21 84901

Arad General Hospital

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Somayyeh, Iran

Phone: +98 21 7760 1001


It is quite hard to fight the cancer. Patient not only suffers financially but also emotionally. So he or she needs best cancer treatment at a very reasonable cost. Iran is the ideal destination for cancer treatment.

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