Koohpayeh Park

September 11, 2018

Close to the famous Quran Gate in Shiraz lies impressive Koohpayeh Park in an area of 18,737 square meters. Covering an expansive tract near the mountains, Koohpayeh (literally “foothills”) offers spectacular scenery and fresh ambience. Take the stairs to the top of the mountain and you will have a panoramic view of the beautiful city. Don’t feel discouraged if there are so many stairs. There are many orange-painted snack booths along the way to provide sightseers with what they need on their trip. The breathtaking view is truly worth the hard work.

The marvelous park also includes a couple of entertainment facilities: a Ferris wheel, a staggering ship, electric cars and trains for kids, and balls pool, as well as a 3D cinema.

Families pack up to spend a stress-free day in the peaceful piece of land. And amazingly, once they leave it, they are vibrant and energetic enough to get back to work and daily chores.

Get there early and you can join the regular public morning exercise around the lively, ambient park.

So if you need the fresh and pleasant atmosphere of a park, one option on your must-see list would be Koohpayeh.

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