Baqcheh Jooq Palace

August 15, 2019

Baqcheh Jooq Palace, located 7 km west of Maku, features the amazing architecture of over a century ago. Standing on the slopes of a mountain, it displays part of Iran’s history.

Construction began at the time of Pasha Khan and finished at the time of Eghbal Alsaltaneh, known as the founder. 

The magnificent palace was headquarters for Sardar Maku . His family resided in the mansion till 1974. Then the government purchased the palace and carried out some restoration work. As of 1979, it was open to the public. In 1987 the castle was taken over to the Culture and Tourism Heritage Organization.  

The huge building lies in the middle of a massive garden, 11 hectares. 

Once you enter the gate, you see a dusty carriage, which belongs to Sardar.  

A close look, will travel you back in time to Qajar era. The symmetrical-looking building boasts a combination of Iranian and western architecture. Iranian architecture highlights flower patterns and the russian wallpapers of the 19th century are decorated ornately. Inside the palace, you will also see gorgeous curtains, colored windows, beautiful super-soft beds (filled with geese feathers), as well as impressive chandeliers. Fireplaces are also terrifically adorned in flowers. 

In the west part of the garden there is an oval-shaped pond. The half-paved garden holds a huge pool which feeds the surrounding plants. 

The building now functions as a popular museum; visitors can view parts of Sardar’s life in two floors. The museum holds interesting items sent over to him by the officials of some foreign countries. The luxurious furniture is mostly westernized. 

The iconic landmark in West Azerbaijan joined Iran’s national list in 1996. 

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