Dena Mountain

September 13, 2018

The tallest mountain of Dena within the mountain range of Zagros holding a ridge, roughly 90 km, is erected in an expanse between 3 provinces of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, Isfahan, and Fars.

The gorgeous mountain contains 49 peaks, over 4000 m. in height. A dazzling gem of Iran’s mountains, Dena is a favorite hub for both sightseers and mountaineers. Each year, tens of thousands of mount climbers from Iran and abroad struggle to conquer the peaks and have a panoramic view of the scenic landscape around.

Also known as Iran’s Alps, the lofty mountain is the longest in Zagros, 80 km in length.

With a delayed enrolment in the country’s conserved areas’ list, despite its peerless biodiversity, the mountain beckons nature lovers and tourists in a lively piece of land, where wildlife makes it well worth a visit. Certainly, environmentalist tourists know how to enjoy the scene from a beautiful postcard without tearing it into pieces.

The mostly snow-capped mountains features picturesque scenery with its rich waterfalls, wildlife, springs, and profuse vegetation. It also boasts steep slopes, gorgeous valleys, caves, and glaciers, as well as massive orchards.

Thanks to its sweeping pastures and fields, nomads flock into the area to feed their animals. So once there, you might see their pitched tents spread out all over the place. They make exquisite handicrafts which you can purchase right on the spot.

If you are into rock climbing, Dena is a must-do option. But make sure to go around with a guide and avoid cliffs and heights. Due to the mountain’s atmospheric and geographic conditions, you are recommended to wear waterproof and windproof clothing as well as gloves, as it might be excessively windy up there, especially in wintertime.

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