Behnam House

September 13, 2018

Among the historic structures in Tabriz, this building of the Zand and Qajar eras was made for residential purposes only, but at the time of Naser Aldin Shah it was restored and beautifully decorated. Also known as Ganjehi or Ghadaki House, it has now turned into the architecture department of Islamic Arts University in Tabriz.

The great house consists of halls, Howzkhaneh (literally pond house), and corridor. In recent restorations, some fresco works by Iranian painters were uncovered and are now being repaired by experts.

Showcasing many impressive paintings, the edifice, covering an area of 3,000 square meters, is divided into two parts; it contains two courtyards (Andarooni and Birooni), evoking the delightful atmosphere of old Iranian houses.

Like other buildings of the era, Andarooni (the private quarter) is placed on the north of the house with a series of rooms on east and west sides, overlooking the courtyard. A cool basement is used on hot summer days.

Birooni (public reception area), too, contains a couple of rooms and its iwan is ornamented by splendid plaster decorations.  The walls and ceilings are strikingly ornamented by magnificent mural paintings. Additionally, colorful lattice glass windows double the beauty of the edifice. Works of Muqarnas, a style of arching in Iranian architecture, are seen on the pillars.

The nationally registered historic site includes beautiful fountains and gorgeous gardens. Art lovers should put Behnam House on their must-see lists for any visit to Tabriz.

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