Striking Margoon Waterfall

September 11, 2018

Splendid Margoon waterfall, 70 m high and 100 m wide, is in the western valleys of Sepidan Town, in Fars.

Located in the village of the same name, the largest and most amazing fall in the country competes with Lorestan’s Shuy waterfall in terms of its magnitude and water amount.

No worries if you go by car, as there is a massive parking lot nearby. You can drive your car up to about 800 m from the fall and then follow the paved trail with a marvelous view of the beautiful scenery. Cement stairs lead you directly to the fall. Public rest room and camping sites are available too. To protect the beautiful environment from litter, garbage cans are placed in different spots all the way though.

The striking waterfall is in fact a source for the abundant river which runs down into Sepidan. The fall flows from high stony mountains down a steep path.

Everywhere you look, lush green trees are seen and apple orchards surround the astonishing wet area.

Even in hot seasons of the year, the resort area is cool, reaching below 10 degrees Celsius.

If you consider yourself adventurous, here you must experience a different exploration. Leaving behind the village, you step in a dirt road, very narrow and dangerous. So come prepared with all requirements for a safe walk. And if you decide to visit in winter, make sure the ways to the fall are open and secure.

The fresh cool water is drinkable so no concern if you have no bottles of water along. The fascinating scenery is there all year round; even when frozen the fall is delightful. Tourists not only enjoy the spectacular view of the mountains and garden but they also feel tempted to have a paddle and play with water just like kids, losing their self-control when they see drops of water to play around in and splash to one another while laughing out loud. Sometimes it feels great to embrace nature just the way they do, with no concern about getting wet or even catching a cold! The experience is so wonderful you might want to go for a swim over and over again!

The most enchanting waterfall in the Middle East boasts a calm and tranquil atmosphere, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of today’s modern cities.

To complete your memorable journey, go for a campfire kebab. Wow! The smell of the Persian kebab near a scenic waterfall will round out a joyful day. Have a small picnic with a friend or your beloved family and click some eye-catching selfies with the fall as a picturesque background. No need at all to be a professional photographer to take extraordinary photos; the spectacular scenery will do it for you, free of charge! Just click to record a wonderful moment in your life.

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