Ever-burning Mountain

April 6, 2019

Few might know about the existence of an amazing mountain in the southern province of Khuzestan which features yellow-orange flares throughout the year. Atashkooh ( locally known as Tashkooh), where flames of fire are emitted with pleasing crackles, is a breathtaking scene for nature admirers. The place is lit up by flames that seem to appear from nowhere.

Take Ramhormoz road to Zard Rood and after Gonbad-e Loran Village you will access the fascinating mountain. The over thousands of years old, the geotouristic trip is an absolute chance for adventurous travelers. Unlike other mountains, home to springs of water and lakes, the high land here features illuminating flares. Interestingly no fire can be set here because of the natural gases.

Rightly registered on Iran’s National Heritage list, the mountain  in flames is shimmering day and night. The permanent wonder lies in geological expanse of Zagros mountain range.

According to geologists, the sulfur-rich ground of the region and eruption of natural grases from inside the earth are the main reasons behind formation of sparkles of fires. Hydrocarbon gases go through different layers of the earth (from deep down inside) and burst out through chasms and cracks of the surface. The amazing geologic phenomenon can be a draw for nature lovers. Similar to active volcanoes, the mountain of imperishable flickers of fire is a worthwhile attraction in winter and spring vacations.

The guided exploration will create an unforgettable experience in your life. The glowing fires are better visible at night. The scene sparks sense of love and affection especially among couples.

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