Khalid Nabi Cemetery

April 4, 2019

Khalid Nabi Cemetery is a history-themed spot on the heights of Gloestan Province overlooking spectacular scenery of the green hills and slopes around. A rewarding site for travelers, the old cemetery astonishes pilgrims and tourists thanks to its special location atop the high hills. Although placed in remote, isolated highlands, the grave yard, accessible through Gonbad Kavoos, Maraveh Tappan and Kalaleh, is an absolute draw.

Cherished by Turkmen, Khalid bin Sanan was born in Adan in Yemen. According to narratives,  he was one of the four prophets living in an interval between Jesus the Christ and prophet Muhammad  (PBUT). Attacked by his enemies, he sheltered in Iran ruled by the Sassanid. The respectable Arabic figure was buried in his refuge place.

On your educational journey to the region you will pick up good information about the construction of ancient funerary grounds. A little far from the domed mausoleum, atop nearby slopes you will see scattered stone statues risen from the ground. Thousands of years of age, the ancient burial ground is believed to involve about 600 graves. Studies express different theories on the architecture of graves: some believe that the huge vertical stones represent men with hats on heads and shawls wrapped around their waists. The smaller ones reflect the female dead. Also some liken the stone structures to the cross. Whatever it is, there is a unanimous idea that these were all headstones of the old residents of the place.

Struck by a massive blast in recent year, 2017, 3 hectares of land was hugely devastated.  However it is still a fascinating destination for foreign and domestic tourists. An almost matchless cemetery in the country, it receives over 100,000 visitors annually.

Zaer Sara (temporary accommodation) is available for quick stay. You can also rely on hospitable and convivial Turkmen to  experience a simple yet healthy life style.

The most interesting and indispensable part of your trip is certainly to climb up the heights and soak up the beauty of the surrounding environment. To reach the pilgrim site, you will take the stairs and then go up on your own for the remaining part to the shrine.

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