Neka River

August 6, 2019

Located in Mazandaran, in the north, Neka River is visited by tourists and backpackers. An alluring gem in the north, it joins the Caspian Sea. If you are among adventurous sightseers who adore real nature charm, Neka with its striking river is a not-to-be-missed destination. The river goes through the town and unfolds amazing beauties in front of tourists eyes. An unspoiled land covered in eternal green is a nice spot to go and forget all about the city life. Peacefulness and charm come together to draw visitors. So if you travel to simply leave behind the pressure and get back home relaxed, you are recommended to visit Neka and enjoy a pleasant time near the river. The generous river will share all its peace and freshness with you.

Around the river you will see gorgeous mesmerizing colorful flowers and trees as well as lovely birds. You will come across many impressive scenes to have some clicks. Across the river stretches a beautiful bridge. Over there, too, you will get an adorable picture of the region.

In parts of the river you can do fishing and boating. But the best, perhaps, is to have a picnic near the river and stroll around to explore the beauties on your own.

What’s more, nearby lies a village named Narenjeh Bagh which should not be missed at all. The village holds amazing things to capture visitors’ attention.

Thanks to the location of the river near the train station and other connecting roads, it is almost available in every season.

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