March 19, 2019

A huge landmark in the old Susa, Apadana was built at the order of the Darius the Great, the famous Achaemenid king, in 6 years time, from 515 to 521 BC. Founded on the relics from the Ilamite governance, the palace served as the winter retreat for the achaemenid kings.

Housed in Khuzestan Province, the estate is in the vicinity of the Susa Castle. Apparently, it is also near the French palace owned by France. So be prepared for a history-themed visit. If you hit the Andimeshk road, a charming path for travelers, and drive 40 km on, you will reach one of the oldest cities throughout the world to view the remains of one of the most fascinating buildings in ancient Iran.

The massive palace contained a hall to meet people, Haramsara ( harems house, the gate, and reception hall as well 3 central courtyards. The interior walls coated in glazed, beautifully-patterned bricks sparks your admiration ; decorative motifs like the troops, the winged lion and horses, and gorgeous blue lilies, the remains of which are now kept in national and international museums. The mighty walls and giant columns are from stones and adobe. The palace boasts inscriptions in Cuneiform  and admiring engraved works.

The archeological surveys and excavations indicate that in 9,000 BC the quarter was resided by farmers. In 5,000 BC, people used to live in castles over there. It is claimed to be the only place on the planet where the innital settlements were established 4000 years ago.

The palace was recorded as the UNESCO historic site by the world greatest authentic committee in 2015.

Susa,the prior civilization for powerful Persian kingdom, is now a scene manifesting the glory and splendor of the old Persia.

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