April 9, 2019

Mountains, a natural tourist attraction, are always fascinating to hikers, bikers and climbers. All travelers like visiting huge mountains from up close to admire the awe-inspiring rugged high hills.

Some take any chance to go and see the mountains to experience the ever-lasting peace and serenity over there. Exhaling and enhaling in the green atmosphere with backdrops of mountains  is a huge miss for city dwellers.

The epic mountain of Arbaba in Baneh is a haven for adventurous trekers and excitement lovers. The mighty mountain, 2,170 m high, is the sole mountain in the region with a shelter for mount climbers. The weather is heavenly here. Backpack to spend a different day in the heart of nature.

The picturesque place is home to lush forest parks, formed in the second geologic period. So take your time to explore the magnetic parklands. The generally-unpacked piece of land greet sightseers from all over the world. Here travelers stop in camping platforms with covered tables. nice one-day option for picnic, vacationers come to leave behind fatigue and lethargy and get ready for a new week. Atop the mountain, you will experience a gorgeous panoramic view of the surrounding city. The lit-up city is even more romantic at night.

The iconic mountain has an epic personality, described in Kurdish  legends and myths. They will definitely share it with visitors.

Forest parks here offer health stations to give services to the public. Morning public workout is always done here and crowds of people join to start a fresh, energetic day.

Interestingly, the Cultural Heritage Organization of Baneh holds annual handicrafts exhibits in the forests and many tourists come to see the exquisite trove of Kurdish arts. Irresistibly evading lots of shopping,  they enjoy and admire their works of art.

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