May 11, 2019

An impressive natural attraction in the north of Iran, Haft Abshar Waterfall boasts a heavenly piece of land dotted with trees and vegetation. Flowing in Savadkooh, Mazandaran, it is in adjacent to pristine Tirkan countryside.

After a refreshing 3-km walk in the hearts of forests and pastures, you will reach the first waterfall. There are 7, actually,  in different sizes. The off-road vehicles won’t be appropriate here as the trails are so narrow.

The longest waterfall, 9 m tall, offers a pool, most suitable for swimming and bathing. Take a dip if you like water activities.

200,000 km expanse of land is covered in fruits trees like fig and wider trees, maples, along with horn beams.

Most preferred time to visit is in spring and autumn. During the seasons you will see different landscapes: amazing lush greenery land embraces sightseers In spring. You will enjoy your picnics and barbecue in nature. Waterfalls are abundant this season. It’s cool and clean. Everything is fresh and untouched. The gorgeous outlooks will bring you down to your knees. Resurrection of nature is worth tens of shots. Autumn in Tirkan is famed for its vivid colors of yellow, orange and red. The dense forests will be dressed in fogs, creating out of this world scenery for photo and selfie lovers. If weather is good, you can stay overnight and fall in love with the mysterious calm here. Your ears happen to be adapted to pleasant and delightful sounds of waters.

In winter, it’s very cold and snowy, making it difficult for camping and picnics. Sultry, bothersome summers are not recommended either.

To be on the safe track, remember to check weather forecast.

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