Lar River

August 6, 2019

The roaring river of Lar originates at snow-capped Kolun Bastak mountains, 3,000 m high. Other rivers join to strengthen the watercourses. Near the river, there are green pastures, farms and fields. With plentiful marvelous landscapes, it is one of the most visited areas in Mazandaran.

Lar Dam, which provides water for capital residents, is a fascinating site for sightseers. The 60-m-long river is a draw for backpackers who adore the fields expanding on the foothills of the mountain.

A fabulous getaway for Tehranis,  it is also visited by other tourists from Iran and abroad.

The conserved area is a natural habitat for flora and fauna; various species of animals and plants inhabit the place because of the existence of water.

Wildlife is so rich due to nice climate and lush vegetation. Almost all the animals and plants, seen in the Central Alborz, are found here. Birds like partridges, eagles, cranes, and flamingos make their home in the region. The indigenous  rare golden eagles are seen here as well. It is a sanctuary for the mammals like rams, goats, rabbits, brown bears, leopards, wolves, foxes, boars and otters. Red-spotted trout, a rare species of fish, is found in the river. Before the month of June, it’s not possible to visit the land because of the animals breeding.

The river offers fun activities; fishing and boating among others. Camping in lands cladded with trees and plants is a nice thing for families. Fishing buffs will enjoy fishing in bubbling waters. The waterway in its surrounding fields also  offers chances for hiking, biking and climbing. Off road drivers have fun going through trails with amazing natural wonders.

If you are looking for a riverside experience and amazing landscapes, put it on your itinerary.

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