El-Gölü, A Recreational Resort for Tourist Families

September 13, 2018

A major tourist destination in the Azeri-speaking city of Tabriz, this delightful site is laid out on the slope of a hill.

Rightly named “People’s Pool,” the huge pool and its grounds, with an area of 54,675 square meters, also contains a central two-storey mansion. The pool has long been surrounded by tall old trees, with their wonderfully reflected images on the waters. The hill is ornamented with bountifully spread colorful flowers including tulips, violets, roses, and petunias.

A summer resort for Tabrizi families, El Golu, like Tabriz’s other destinations such as Poets’ Mausoleum and Clock Tower, is a favorite place not only for families but also friends and colleagues. If you are a first-timer, you should pay visits afterwards to the aforementioned sites and go on to the famous old bazaar, where you can find plenty of interesting things, from exquisite carpets and handicrafts, to gold jewelry, herbals, fresh fruits and vegetables all at reasonable prices.

Lying on a mountainous spot, El Golu often has a fairly cold climate; its mild springs and summers make up for its chilly winters.

Historically, the pool was developed by the Aq Qoyunlu and was later enlarged by the Safavid. In fact, before they came into power, the pool—12 meters deep at the time—served as the largest source of water for gardens in the east of the city. The Safavid cleared the rubbish and made walls all around it. The Qajar tried to expand it and planted Tabrizi trees and willows all over the place, creating attractive scenery.

Under the Pahlavis, El Golu was handed over to the municipality to develop as a public tourist attraction and some great restoration works expanded and beautified the scene.

Currently, the pool, 200 by 200 m, has lost its original depth as the gardens were wonderfully spread out.

This must-see spot offers atmospheric restaurants serving a variety of Persian and Turkish dishes and drinks. Also nearby are some great hotels to accommodate national and international visitors; among them, the 5-star 17-storey Hotel of Pars boasts a popular suspended restaurant.

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