Seimare River

September 13, 2018

The largest and most abundant river in Lorestan Province, Seimare River is in fact an extension of Kashkan River which goes through Gavmishan Bridge. One of the main branches of Karkhe River in the south, Khuzestan, the massive river flows in a deepest valley east of Kurdestan. The meeting point of Zal and Simareh is really impressive; Simareh is a bit muddy, in contrast to the crystal-clear Zal. When these two marry, it seems like they are separated from one other with a knife. Joining these two is so eye-catching; Zal boasts its domination, despite its small amount. That’s why the elderly in the region say: Zal came and cut Seimare; implying its victory and conquest.

The gorgeous Siemare originates in the snow-capped mounts in the northwest of the country and running through counties of Chardavol, Sirvan, and Darreh Shahr, it joins Kashkan and forms well-reputed Karkheh.

The river flows on an expanse between Ilam, Kermanshah and Lorestan provinces. The rich river feeds farmlands and fields on its way, cultivating the neighborhoods nearby.

One of the oldest rivers in the west of Iran, the river perhaps dates from Jurassic era. It goes back to the time when the Aryan migrated from Siberia to Iran followed by the Medes who settled in Hamedan. Their livestock boomed so fast in the fertile region.

As for naming, Seimare, consisting of 2 parts, Sei meaning “see” and Mare meaning “it’s going”, on a whole means look how it’s going in Lorestan’s dialect.

The gorgeous river is a blessing and natural gift for the locals; water means life and wherever water resources exists, people get together to expand their life and experience a flourishing life. It has helped the economic status of the residents in many ways; fishing, raising domestic animals as well as gardens.

At an expanse of 755 km, the river is also locally called Gharosu River, Gamasiyab River and Malayer River. In the past, it used to be called Gamasb Rood as there were herds of buffalos which came over to drink water.

The river with the surrounding colonnade of trees and plants in a scenic landscape makes for a great journey, especially if you are into picnics and family gatherings. And it also gives you a chance to take a dip into the river and have fun.

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