Let’s Travel to Shiraz!

September 11, 2018
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Travel to Shiraz
Travel to Shiraz
Travel to Shiraz
Travel to Shiraz
Travel to Shiraz
Travel to Shiraz
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Hey Guys!

It’s almost the New Year and many would like to go on vacation.

One option would be a “staycation”— to stay home all day long and do nothing. Another would be to go out with friends and family and indulge yourself.

My recommendation: traveling abroad. Yeah, you heard me right!Did you know that travel experiences create many happy moments and memories in your later life?

Iran, a great country with a rich historical background, is a hot spot for those interested in culture, history and entertainment.That’s especially true of a beautiful city in the south of the country. Shiraz, in Fars province, is an awesome destination for travel lovers. Sure, you have heard about it before. But seeing is believing, as they say.This amazing mega-city offers plenty of things to do and many places to visit.

Muslims must find Shahcheragh Shrine a peaceful place to go. Hafeziye (the Tomb of Hafez) has a magical environment. Hafez, the great Persian poet who lived in the 8th century, is world-known. You will see one amazing poem by him below.

I was there when I was a teen; the glamor of the place, the well-constructed tomb, tall trees all around, orange trees, beautiful flowers and plants—all embraced me. I felt like I was stepping into a legendary place. I still vividly remember orange trees, blossoms like twinkling stars in a green sky. I wanted to run everywhere, just to breathe in the historic atmosphere.

Among other must-see Shiraz spots is Sa’ediye. Sa’edi, too, was an influential poet in the same century. He was buried in Shiraz. Now his tombstone is visited by many foreigners who appreciate the deep concepts of the Persian poetry.  As a teen I also had a chance to pay a visit. Very magnificent too.

Where to stay when you visit?

Homa  Hotel is located in Gaz Square, next to Azadi Park. You can make reservations at reasonable prices. You can easily make an online reservation for at least 2 nights.

The phone numbers are: +98 021- 44698619 and 44692749.

There is more to Shiraz. So follow me on my next episodes. And remember to whisper the nice poem below:

The heavenly breeze comes to this estate,
I sit with the wine and a lovely mate.
Why can’t the beggar play the king’s role?
The sky is the dome, the earth is my state.
The green grass feels like Paradise;
Why would I trade this for the garden gate?
With bricks of wine build towers of love,
Being bricks of clay is our final fate.
Seek no kindness of those full of hate,
People of the mosque with the church debate.
Don’t badmouth me, don’t blacken my name;
Only God can, my story narrate.
Neither Hafiz’s corpse, nor his life negate,
With all his misdeeds, heavens for him wait.

For more poems by the legendary Hafez, pay a visit at:


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