Ashūradeh (Ashur Ada)

May 14, 2019

Ashūradeh,  ( alternatively spelled Ashur Ada) is a great island in the Caspian Sea with breathtaking views in a lively ambient. In the old days,  Ashūradeh was composed of 3 connected islands, 2 of which have submerged over time and what remains is now visited by tourists and excursionists.

The island has  seen lots of ups and down; from when the Safavid princes, who ruled the country, hit the place to do fun hunting to when the neighboring Russians occupied the land. The low-populated isle is for the most part resided by fishermen and fishery workers. The island was once a convenient place with schools, stores, mosque and gendarmery; with over 1000 inhabitants. After  the water rise following a fierce flood, people left it.

Caviar, a delicacy in the Persian sea, is mostly caught and prepared for exports. The island accounts for 40% of Iran’s caviar.

Almost close to Bandar-e Turkman Harbor, about 10 km away, the region offers fun  activities in a visually appealing scene. Leaving aside boating on rough waters, wildlife encounters is the most interesting. If you are traveling in a car, you can park in the harbor to head for a short, interesting journey to the single residential island throughout the Caspian Sea. Fast motor boats will take you there in less than 10 minutes. Spend few hours over there and have a yummy lunch offshore.

Make sure to visit the local market of the harbor on your way back. Also don’t miss out on the historic sight of Gomishan with its marvelous architecture, 15 km from the harbor.

You will experience interesting climate in the isolated land amid waters. Gaze at beautiful birds flying around and sample fresh wild fruits of the cozy island.

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