Kish’s Must Take Home

September 13, 2018

The magnificent Kish Island, nestled in the Persian Gulf, is a popular tourism destination not only for Iranians but also world exploring tourists. The hugely booming tourism industry in the gorgeous island, features delightful recreational resorts, dreamy sand coasts, coral reefs, zoo and aquariums, birds’ garden, dolphinarium, Kariz underground town, and Hoor cottage, which all make it for a memorable and pleasant journey. Once you hit the land on your own, you will be amazed by all this gorgeous island has to offer; you will enjoy diving, jet skiing, cycling, horse riding and water surfing opportunities. There is more to this popular tourist attraction which is a whole article in itself.

What is most interesting about Kish is tourists’ irresistible passion to shop. In the modern land, right in the south of the country, you will be impressed by a variety of local gift shops. The rich island presents a stock of high-quality products from clothing, food stuff, cosmetic brands, and household electric utensils to well-woven, colorful handicrafts, fresh fruits, and citrus.

The art lover residents tastefully create some elegant decorative objects from the remnants of the sea creatures along the coasts. Fine jewelry, pottery objects, exquisite wicker handicrafts, small wooden boats, are all part of the creativity and artistic works of people in the south.  Women and girls will find many stores and stands where they can purchase artistic local colorful clothing directly from the tailors. What’s more, there are stands where girls can stop to beautify their hands with impressive henna tattoos.

Fishing, as the major traditional occupations in the region, has been profitable in the last couple of years; fishes and shrimps are sold in stores at good prices.

Other products of the island are fruits such as dates. The warm climate of the southern part has made it comfortable for farmers to raise palm groves and offer other fine dates products such as date’s syrup and dates chips.

Chocolate shops are, too, a favorite spot for girls; here they are tempted by diversity of chocolates and take home chocolate packages. Like chocolates, coffee has many fans among tourists here. Chocolate shops also present high-quality coffee, Nescafe, cappuccino and coffee mix.

Clothing is also of note. Shopping malls and boutiques sell great clothes for boys and girls. Feel free to select from a variety of popular brands.

As you might confirm, it is almost impossible to travel to Kish Island and come back home empty-handed!

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