Oshtoran Kuh

August 7, 2019

Expanding in the east of Lorestan Province,  Oshtoran Kuh  is one of the highest mountains in Zagros mountain range. The 4,150-m -high mountain is the highest in the province.  Among the fairly young mountains, it dates back to roughly 30 million years ago.

The lofty snow-blanketed mountain features soaring peaks, permanent rivers, and springs. On the heights there are valleys of glaciers like Chal Mishan, Chal Kabud, Chal Shah Takht and Chal Humayun.

It is said that it holds 8 peaks, all above 4,000 m,  connected to one another just like a line of camels ( Oshtoran). Oshtor means camel in Persian.

The mountain has been conserved since 1961 to protect a variety of flora and fauna. The wildlife sanctuary is a territory for animals species of brown bears, hyenas, boars, foxes, gray wolves, rams, goats, wild cats, squirrels, and snakes. Other inhabitants involve birds such as partridges, eagles, owls, ducks, as well as hawks. They are all under the protection of the Environment Department.

Locoweed and rhubarb are dominant plants in the steppes, a proper food source for the animals here. Also pistachio trees are plentiful.

The marvelous Gahar Lake flowing  in a southwest slope of the mountain,  is often visited by Lorestanis and nature buffs. It offers cool opportunities for fishing ( permits needed), swimming , and camping. You will also irresistibly record spectacular landscapes.

Mainly visited by climbers and mountaineers, it has been acclimatized many times by adventure seekers. The. Mountain is also a spot for geologists and geography researchers. A according to them, the history of the region and formation of the mountain is fascinating; they have found fossils of fish and seashells.

There are villages on the foothills of Oshtoran Kuh; among them are Darre Takht,  Kamandan,  and Tiyan.  Takht Darre has become a tourism village due to its imposing landscapes.

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