Vark Waterfall

March 29, 2019

Iran’s top tourist destination for many, Lorestan in the West represents parts of the beauties of the old land of Persia. It’s famed for its impressive untouched magnets from snow-capped Garrin Mountain, Keeyow Lake, Nozhiyan Waterfall, to Gahar Lake, Bisheh Waterfall and Oshtoran Kuh Mountain.

Land of gorgeous abundant waterfall, it offers beauties you will hardly ever find elsewhere. Vark Waterfall is one of the most attractive in the province. The landscapes here are worth tons of photographs.

The fair region covered in lush bushes and chestnut and pear trees as well as hawthorns draws visitors especially from the neighboring provinces of Isfahan, Khuzestan and Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiyari.

The nomads, who move to cool regions  in the heights, here have finely protected the area. If you are lucky enough to visit the  land’s true guards, you will have a memorable experience with them. They are terrifically hospitable and friendly.

No doubt the waterfall on the green slopes of Zagros beckons the visitor for an exceptional experience. On hot summer days, the touristic space is packed with tourists running away from the unbearable heat. You can paddle and take a dip in cool waters to freshen up. Trekking is an irresistible activity here; go up the rocks and adore the outstanding beauty Mother Nature presents in a generous manner. You can get brilliant views on your way to the top. A guide is a must as it is difficult to access for first-comers.

The amazingly delightful sound of bubbles and the roaring water will for a while remove the dark memories of sound pollution! So enjoy the peaceable land.

Camping is great here. Set up your tent and enjoy a one-day trip to the nature.

Accommodation and luxury hotels in nearby regions allow you to enjoy your journey at its most.

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