September 13, 2018

With an elevation of 4,150 m, Oshtorankuh Mountain is the highest point in Lorestan Province. It is part of the geological fold in Middle Zagros mountain range with many peaks.

Named Oshtorankuh, composed of 2 parts: Oshtoran and Kuh, it refers to the shape of 8 peaks resembling flocks of camels with their protuberance humps.

To the east of the province, it is encompassed by Dorood in west, Azna in north, and Aligoodarz in east and south.

Among the young mountains in the region, the lofty mountain is estimated to be 30 million years old.

The often-snow-capped mountain contains many deep, long valleys, permeant rivers, and villages at the foothills.On the valleys here, glaciers are seen. They are must-see attractions in springtime.

The gorgeous Gahar Lake, too, lies nearby, and enriches the enchantment of the site.

Designated as a conservation area, in 1970, the site joined delicate global environments.

The flora and fauna life here is so rich; brown bears, foxes, boars, hyenas, grey wolves, goats, rams and birds such as eagles, partridges, owls, hawks, and ducks are protected.

Among plantations, pistachio is noteworthy. In addition, you can also see milk vetches, rhubarbs, steppes and flowers, which feed the animals.

The slopes of the mountain have been inhabited by many tribes over the years; in 1107, Fazluyeh dynasty settled there. And today, lovely villages are replaced and the rich pastures here are nomads’ favorite hub. The green lands present many picture-postcard views, especially Gahar Lake’s landscape is marvelous.

Mount climbers as well as hikers find the place so amazing to explore. Best time to visit is in spring and summer to avoid an unsafe trip. It is also a nice site for researchers and geology fans; there are fossils scattered around the place, and you can find fossils of oysters and fish.

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