Gahar Lake

September 13, 2018

Perched within Zagros mountain ranges and upon the slopes of Oshtorankooh, the freshwater lake is considered a spectacular tourist attraction in Lorestan and overall across the country. The dazzling lake lies 33 km southeast of Dorood, which makes up the main route to the lake.

With a length of 1.5 km and an average width of 500 m, the crystal-clear Gahar Lake is 4 to 28 m deep.

The properly-named queen of the tourist hubs in the province, it seems to be formed following a huge earthquake 150 years ago.

One of the most attractive lakes in the Middle East, the azure waters have been hidden from view due to profuse trees and lawn lands around. But it doesn’t mean that the pristine lake is not popular.

A favorite haunt for families and couples, the well-liked waters host 70,000 visitors annually.

You can access the tarn through the counties of Dorrod, Aligoodarz and Azna; a little walk through a trail with gorgeous outlooks and you will get into the waters. The nearby lands offer lots of camping opportunities; you can have your picnic with a view of the heavenly landscapes and enjoy your meal in the vivid, tranquil atmosphere. Hiking and strolling opportunities are rich. Walk on the surrounding trails and take pleasure in the admirable lands of abundant trees and bushes with views across the lake. Boating is also a nice thing to try. Sunbathing is, in addition, a good idea as long as the sunlight is not so harsh. And the most interesting of all is to take a dip in cool waters.

Once off the lake at the edge, you can noticeably follow the schools of fish swaying in the clear waters. In some areas, you can even see the bottom of the clean, dirt-free tarn.

In the vicinity of the lake, lies the beautiful Neygah Valley, filled to the brim with anemones and inverted tulips.

Famed for its spectacular scenery, the small lake boasts rich flora and fauna life; oak trees, willows, hawthorns, plane trees, and fruit trees like walnuts, figs, pears, pistachios and almonds as well as beautiful wild plants are seen in profusion.

The lively tarn is also a rich habitat for animals like eels, turtles, frogs, trout, and red-spotted fish. The surrounding mountains are also home to a diverse animal’s life: goats, rams, hawks, eagles, deer, wolves, leopards, brown bears, hyenas, foxes, jackals, rabbits are among the animals spotted in the region which has become a conserved area to protect them and to save the environment.

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