Churat Lake

March 26, 2019

Lakes are always impressive attraction for visitors. Epitomes of freshness and liveliness, they often feature pristine environment.

Churat (also named Mianshe) in Mazandaran offers an imposing experience. The dirt road to the lake will be as amazing as the lake itself. Freshly colorful atmosphere and nice weather make for an enjoyable journey. If you wish to stay over night, make sure the weather is fine and the place is safe as unpredictable rainfalls might create some problems.

The oval-shaped basin was formed as a result of an earthquake followed by landslides and closure of the spring flow nearby. If you take a look at the surface, you will see some broken old trees left from the incident. The beautiful ecosystem, it is surrounded by lush greenery of dense trees. The fairly small lake, 5,2 hectares, has plenty of gorgeous outlooks. The dynamic vigorous ecological lake, it is abundant in a variety of fish.

What’s terrifically amazing once you step here is the magical peace and calm of the place. Silence is just broken with pleasing tweeting of birds. No matter why you come here, you will definitely fall in love with the beauty. The gorgeous lake reflects beautiful images of the surrounding environment. A post card in the heart of nature, it is worth lots of shots.

Although swimming is forbidden here, you will have lots of fun things to do. Take time to explore the magnetic attraction; you will enjoy your trekking around the lake. Having picnics, if weather allows, is a nice thing too. There are a restaurant and a traditional house as well as stores in the vicinity where you can stop over to take a break.

Best time to go is in spring, summer and alluring autumn. Bushes and trees are sometimes faded in dense fog resulting in poor vision. So be sure to go with a guide.

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