September 13, 2018

Sarcheshmeh, spring in Persian, with the beautiful park around beckons many tourists to come and experience enjoyable hours in nature. Rushing in the highest points of Mahallat County, in Markazi Province, the abundant crystal-clear spring amid huge tall trees, and nice climate offers a picturesque landscape. The tourist attraction features old plane trees where sightseers stop by to photograph. The surrounding huge rocks in the park are also of note.

It is said that the spring has been a reason for development of Mahallat as it provided drinking water and supplied farmers with waters for growing crops.

The best time to go is in summertime. It might be packed with countless sightseers but it is still worth visiting. Many travelers passing by Mahallat on their journey, decide to have a stopover in the park for a whole day and resume travelling after some refreshments. A family resort, it offers a lot of camping sites so you can see many tents on platforms throughout the lands. There is a large restaurant inside the park serving delicious foods to sightseers. Among other spotlights are traditional eatery, florist’s and amusement park. What’s more, flowers exhibits are held occasionally where you can purchase bunch of rare flowers and decorative plants.

International tourists love the exhibit the most and purchase rare spieces of plants and flowers.

To me the most interesting part is the stepped waterway; waters gush down on highly-steep lands, creating a beautiful scene especially in autumn when yellow-tangerine foliage are scattered on the trail.

In all, the park has so much to present you won’t feel bored. The lively ambience and eye-catching outlooks equal a nice experience. You can shoot pictures in the verdant area with rocks backdrop.

If you drive your own car, don’t worry for parking spaces as there is a huge parking lot. To reach the spring, you will enjoy your walk, 200 m long.

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