Arman shopping Center and Its Stunning Structure

September 13, 2018

The modern 1,500-hectare recreational resort showcases a combination of statues, architecture and local nature in Khorasan.

Apart from the visual attractions, the place offers entertaining opportunities for kids and adults alike; among them are playgrounds for kids and shopping malls for adults.

Several statues in the center symbolize deep concepts in Iran’s philosophy, poetry, and mysticism, creating a close relationship between human and God’s creatures.

The green, enchanting nature involves almost all things you can view in real nature: trees, rocks, pond, waterfall, clouds and rain.

Clouds and rain drops denote divine blessings to humans. Stepping into the artificially-wet environment almost creates an actual sense of walking in nature.

In the pond, you can see rocks from within waters flowing out; the nicely-lit atmosphere is worth snapshots.

The major waterfall, 14 m high and 6 m wide, amid 11 small waterfalls through the rocks are also charming.

Plant species like Benjamin, Linda, Palm, Ficus, and Lyptus exist in the picturesque scene. Soaring Palms signify might, stability and resistance, which should be practiced in life.

There is a thought-provoking statue which finely represents a verse from the holy Quran; Surah Ahzab, verse 72: “انا عرضنا الامانه على السموات و الارض و الجبال فابین ان یحملنها و اشفقن منها و حملها الانسان انه کان ظلوما جهولا!”

It refers to the fact that when God asked for trusteeship; none of mountains, skies and earth accepted it. Only human did; a huge burden on the shoulders of human being granted by God Almighty.

Water and fire indicate the existence of contradictions in the soul of human beings.

Equally, the wise, old man’s statue, with local clothes, a piece of cloth wrapped round his head and a candle in his hand, represents the enlightened path ahead of human being.

The little girl with a bright sphere above her head is a symbol of human’s move and attempts towards brilliance and excellence.

Behind the rocks, there is a cave resembling those in Paleolithic period; you can see patterns on its walls along with a couple of items from that period. Interestingly, the cave serves as a restaurant and gallery.

In all, the futuristic shopping mall is not only a nice option to visit  in Mashhad but it is also an inspiring piece of land where you will enjoy lessons of life in a fantastic atmosphere.

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