September 13, 2018

A large city in Iran’s northwest, in West Azerbaijan Province, Urmia is a nice city for vacationers. The 3000-year-old city is the oldest in Iran’s northwest. One of the UNESCO’s historic cities, it is the hometown of Zoroastrianism, according to some historians.

Composed of ethnic groups like, Azeri, Kurd, Assyrian and Armenian, the city is a genuine symbol of brotherhood. The hospitable and friendly dwellers of the city treat travelers kindly so you won’t ever feel homesick.

The city is well-known for the first modern hospital and school in Iran. It is also famed for the premier local TV network in the country.

Among the main edible options for souvenirs are Noghl, sugar-coated almonds or walnuts, sweet walnut Halva, pussy willow extract, and dragonhead extract.

Urmia is the main hub for volleyball; so if you enjoy watching matches you can go to the volleyball court throughout the place; Ghadir indoor sports arena, specifically, is where some volleyball tournaments are also held.

In Urmia, you can do lots of things to do: from visiting the nature to historic buildings and cathedrals, they all make for an unforgettable journey.

Main highlights are: Sardar Mosque, from Qajar era, to Se Gonbad Tower, dating from the Seljuk period   and Nane  Maryam Church are well worth a visit, thanks to their intricate and elegant architectures.

The largest domestic lake and the second largest salt lake in the world, Lake Urmia attracts many sightseers.

Marmishoo is another special feature; a tourist resort with a lake on the borders of Iran and turkey, and 45 km west of the city. Fishing is quite common here as the aquatic animals are plentiful in the lake. With the many campsites, it’s a popular family resort.

Within Sultani Valley on the slopes facing a little water river stemming from Turkey mountains, lies Bardouk Village, about 15 km from the borders between Iran and turkey. The historic village highlights a fortified castle, dating from the Safavid era, which was a strategic headquarter with its panoramic view of the field around.

Urmia’s single ski resort, Khoshaku, offers lots of fun opportunities for winter sports fans. Necessary ski equipment is lent to ski lovers at reasonable prices.

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