Lorestan’s Gorgeous Bubbly Waterfall

September 13, 2018

Iran’s profuse forests, flowing rivers and streams, life-giving springs, and even its barren deserts—all offer spectacular images for those who explore them.  Going to the heart of nature and appreciating these landscapes will make for a memorable experience. All you need to do is to pack your backpack and go!

Today, I am off to Lorestan, a province on the expanse of the Zagros foothills which is well-reputed for the exceptional waterfalls in the southeast.
Taking the trail towards one of the most brilliant waterfalls means leaving urban uproar and chaos behind and entering the world of composure and serenity!

The dense fog on the mountain will conceal the end of the trail. As you hike, you might encounter very light rain.

The roaring rivers down the road and within the valley will prompt you to stop for a moment and enjoy the astounding view of the surrounding district.

Pass through the villages of Kakolestan and Ghalyan, and you will be thrilled when magical views unfold before your eyes: the steep and soaring mountains, the tall, beautiful oak, pear and walnut trees, and the intoxicating fresh air all make up a perfect trip.

On this way, you will also view the pilgrim site of Momed Hassan, who is highly respected among the Bakhtiyaris (a famous popular tribe in Iran).

The spectacular scenery around the Dam of Khan Abad is another memorable highlight. Reluctantly leaving behind all the beauty you’ve seen so far, you approach a waterfall where a brand-new world awaits you!

Streaming on the western slope of Oshtorankuh Mountain Range, in the east of Lorestan Province near the high mountain of Ghalikuh, Ab Sefid Waterfall in the heart of a rocky mountain is certainly the most spectacular part of your excursion. Take your camera and capture some wonderful photos. Strolling within the picturesque valley is an enjoyable, memorable experience which you shouldn’t miss. Also, mountain climbing is a good option for mountaineers and rock climbers alike. Some love swimming; here you can have a paddle in cool waters or enjoy a refreshing shower even with your clothes on.

If you are not pressed for time, pack up a picnic basket and spend hours in this landscape. Campsites are available. You can also find a set of booths and kiosks offering food and groceries.

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