Akhlamad Waterfalls

September 13, 2018

Located 17 km southwest of Chenaran County, Razavi Khorasan Province, nearby a village named “Akhlamad”, the waterfalls rush through Limestone rocks surrounded by plenty of trees and bushes.  Akhlamad valley is filled with abundant cherry and apple orchards, which supply fruits of the region and parts of Mashhad.

Within the valley there are seasonal and permanent waterfalls during the year; the most important, 23 m in height, flows at the bottom. The rocks here are 200 to 300 m tall. They are of ammonite fossils from the late Jurassic era. The major waterfall is 40 m high.

The visitors and sightseers get enchanted by the brilliance of waterfalls and will find many scenic landscapes to photograph. The land is the best spot to hit for mountaineers and rock climbers. They can view many gorgeous panoramas on their not-so-hard trail. Camping is also another activity which involves lots of fun. So you will see families in tents around the flat lands nearby. You can simply stand and watch the prettiness of waterfalls and soak up the nice weather or take a dip for a few minutes.

If you move from the verdant village, you will have a wonderful 3-km hike on a footpath full of interesting views. The fresh, clear, intoxicating weather is also of note which makes it an appropriate summer resort.

Needless to say, the waterfalls and their views are at their best in springtime. However, frozen white waterfalls in winter are also gorgeous and if you don’t mind frosts and coldness, you will enjoy your trip with plentiful draw-card scenes.

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