Wonders of Ali Sadr Water Cave

September 11, 2018
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Ali Sadr Water Cave
Ali Sadr Water Cave
Ali Sadr Water Cave
Ali Sadr Water Cave Ali Sadr Water Cave Ali Sadr Water Cave

No doubt caves and caverns are among the mostly visited areas due to their bizarre, mysterious nature.

So here I am back again to show you a magical place. First let me tell you one thing. To explore all the splendor and glory of the caves, you will need more than one day, especially if you are into a world of ambiguity, mystery and miracle.

Now lets start our quick trip to one of the most fascinating water caves on the planet. It happens to be in the ancient country of Iran.

With many incomparable natural attractions, Iran is listed among the most popular tourism sites and has a unique status when it comes to amazing tourism destinations.

Ali Sadr Cave, the largest water cave in the world, is in Hamedan, in the west. It features many striking wonders you will only when you step into it.

At an altitude of 2,100 m. above sea level, the mysterious cave dates from 130 to 190 million years ago. It was first spotted when 14 mountaineers packed up to explore the beauties of Hamedan and the nearby villages in 1342, solar calendar. The villagers used to exploit the water of the cave, which was a reason why it was impossible to access the cave, as the water level rose towards the mouth.

In terms of geology, the cave was formed as a result of carbonic acids and calcareous reactions. The solution penetrated the calcareous surface, creating holes which gradually joined and grew bigger. In fact, it has taken millions of years to create such gorgeous natural sculptures.

The colorless, odourless water is void of any animal content. The surface varies from 1 to 14 m. above the floor of the cave, which makes it difficult to go all the way through. The clear and pleasing air inside the cave is free of dust and pollution.

Once you get into the cave, a memorable experience awaits you. The way ahead is by boat.

During the whole expedition, you will be amazed by wonderful natural images on the ceiling and internal walls of the cave. Throughout the cave, you will see many stalactites hanging from the roof like icicles, as well as numerous animal-shaped structures. Nature has worked over millions of year and is generous enough to share all its magic and pleasure with us.

The surrounding district is rich in accommodation facilities; inns, luxurious wooden villas, suites, and camping sites. A massive parking lot makes it accessible to drivers. And the bazaar provides you with whatever you need for a joyful trip.

Good news for those into mountain climbing; the awe-inspiring spot is adjacent to soaring mountains and rocks.

Location Facts,

Ali Sadr Village, 75 km northwest of Hamedan

How to Access the weird cave:

The best way is to take the brand-new Lalehjin-Bijar road, which has dramatically

decreased accidents in tourist seasons.

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