Karkas Mountains

September 13, 2018

With an elevation of 3,895 m, Karkas Mountains, in Natanz County in Isfahan, makes up part of the central mountain ranges in Iran.

The mountains were named for the small black vultures which fly on top of the mountain (Karkas means vulture in Persian).

Oriented at northwest-southeast, the often snow-capped mountains beckon mount climbers especially in winter. Among the attractive natural destinations in the country, the mountains offer dazzling views in spring as well.

If you choose to go there from south, you should first pass through Kesheh Village, which is the best trail in spring as it is crammed with springs and waterfalls. Another pathway is from northwest of the mountain and your departure is in Ooreh Village, also nice enough to draw your attention with its ample springs but a bit longer and rocky. So you need to be familiar with rock climbing standards. There are other ways too: from Goorabad, about 4 km from Ooreh village (it is at its best late spring) and from Bidhend in the northwest.

High intermingled Karkas Mountains are terribly prettified by neighboring deserts. The most important highlight of this tourist attraction relates to its uneven lands.

The heights are blanketed in snow for almost half of the year. The snow is the origin of an array of springs flowing on the slopes, where pastures and fields are mushroomed because of moderate climatic conditions.

An ecosystem for the plants and animals growth, the wildlife here is rich: mammals like rams and goats, gazelles, boars, wolves, foxes, hyenas, cats, and leopards and reptiles as well as birds are seen in the mountains. Also herbal plants, and lush bushes are scattered. As of 1993, parts of the mountains were protected against hunting. The forbidden hunting area covers an area of 7,000 hectares.

If you are fond of mount climbing, don’t miss the opportunity in bitter cold winter. Get your equipment ready to experience a memorable exploration on rocky mountains and celebrate your concurrence atop the mountains, soaking up the mesmerizing scene of sunset.

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