September 13, 2018

All have heard about Urmia Lake, the popular salt water lake in northwest of the country. But few have ever heard of a pretty, pristine lake in a postcard view right in the same place.

A gem in Urmia Province, the azure lake of Marmisho lies roughly 45 km west of Urmia, within the border mountains between Iran and Turkey.

The scenic trail to the lake runs from the gorgeous Nazluchai River, west of Urmia, and on your way you will go through some beautiful villages into Marmisho Village. Spread out on a mountainous area in a lively land filed with trees and shrubs, the trail offers many exceptional landscapes.

The 5-hectare lake, 50 to 60 m in depth, offers a brilliant view; one you won’t ever want to miss. Trout is plentiful in the lake; so it is a nice hub for fishing fans.

The lake’s flora contain willows, oaks, spruces, hawthorns, wild tulips and lilies and the like.

As the region is crammed with diverse flowers, you can view many beehives scattered around. The high-quality honey is a famous produce for tourists. Beekeepers will be glad to let you taste the sweet honey.

You will also notice tents spread out in the region; hospitable and warm nomads are happy to have you there for a cup of tea, made on open fire. They might also show you around willingly; the places which have never been explored by many tourists and sightseers.

The lake is beautifully surrounded by dense trees, a vivid scene you can hardly ever find on your journeys. In spring and summer, you can click plenty of snapshots from the picture-postcard lake.

Since the place is not crowded despite its attractiveness, you can enjoy a peaceful, laid-back journey.

If you are fond of camping, you will find nice spots to pitch up your tent and get pleasure from the unspoiled beauty around you.

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