March 31, 2019

Mayami (also spelled Meyami), in Semnan, on the road from Tehran to Khorasan, is a fascinating spot to bring together many tourists. A city where, culture, history, nature and architecture are perfectly blended, the old city, over 1000 years old, features interesting places for visits. Sheikh Hassan Juri ‘s tomb, a domed adobe structure with one room is a right place to know more about the life of the cleric leader in the 8th century AH.

Mayami is also home to the mausoleum of Ebn-e Yamin, the Persian poet living at the same time. The hexagonal building features a six-sided grave stone. 

Another fascination is the ruins of an old castle devastated by the moguls.

The over a Millennium caravansary ( Abbasabad) where passengers and travelers stopped by to rest and relax for hours before moving on was recovered in Qajar era. At an area exceeding 8,000 square meters, the building holds 4 Eywans and 32 hojras ( rooms) overlooking the central courtyard. Don‘t miss the anthropology museum where you will encounter the culture and traditions of Iranian people. You will get lots of information about old Iran in less than hour.

In Mayami, you have lots of options for souvenirs: from artifacts like Jajim (loosely-woven rugs), felt works and hand-woven clothes, to edibles like Gheysi (dried apricot slices) which are nice takeaways.

Kalpush forests, 150 km northeast of Shahrood, offer a pleasant experience in mild, semi-humid weather. Here gorgeous landscapes are united with nice weather conditions to please travelers. The Heavenly wonderland of anemones and sunflowers are alluring enough for tourists to keep clicking over and over again.

There is more to Mayami than this: visit the city to explore it on your own. Guided tours can be convenient for tourists cherishing comfort.

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