Golestan National Park

May 9, 2018

Embracing visitors from around the world, Golestan National Park is a dreamland for obsessed tourists. Straddling between two provinces of Golestan and Semnan, the park lies on Tehran-Mashhad road and is a stopover for Mashhad pilgrims on their way to the shrine of Imam Reza PBUH and back home. The oldest nationally recorded park enjoys rich wildlife, perfect landscapes and significant ecologic elements. It is also the first Iranian park enlisted as the UNESCO’s 50th earth’s environmental reserve in 1975.  Many springs flow on the park; among them are Dushan, Agh Su, Golshan, and Golestan. Additionally, there are mountains and heights throughout the area.

In terms of meteorology, the park’s west climate is semi-humid and temperate; dry and cold and semi-dry in its south and east with a rainfall difference of 150-1000 mm annually.

The park is a territory for 69 mammal species like leopards, brown bears, sables, boars, deer, goats, rams, wolves, and foxes.  149 bird species have been identified in the site; 48 of which are witnessed only in spring and summer and the remaining 62 are indigenous. Pheasants, partridges, spotted owls, quails, sparrow hawks, black woodpeckers, nightingales, and goldfinches are of highlight.  There are 19 endangered animal species among them are Torkaman foxes.

The vegetation is also unique: fig, walnut, raspberry, wild pear, and berry trees are noteworthy. You can find plants like milkvetch, camelthorn, and barberry as well as medicinal herbs on the hills. Colorful bushes, too, enhance the beauty of the site.

Camping sites have been developed to accommodate tourists on their trip. Also you can get a permit to watch the wildlife. With parking lot, benches, barbecues, garbage cans, and public rest rooms, it sounds a good option for spending a day in the heart of nature. What’s more, there is a building where films and videos are played to tourists to teach them how to enjoy their trip and protect the rich environment. Environmentalists here are open to help the visitors around.

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