Ramsar Marble Palace

September 13, 2018

The fine-looking edifice, in the north of the country, was built at the command of Reza Shah Pahlavi and served the royal family’s residence before the Islamic revolution. One of the most impressive palaces in the country, it boasts white marble stones throughout the opulent building.

The stairs in front of the palace holds amazing marble roaring tiger statues on either side. The attractive royal house, with an area of 600 square meters, is nestled within a massive garden, 60,000 square meters, filled with citrus trees and rare ornamental plants. In the fertile garden, the 23 m tall pine tree, with a 1.5 m. tree girth, and over 100 years old, attracts sightseers.

The facade features polished white streaked marbles from Mashhad and the porch features 4 gorgeously pillars, engraved at the base and on top, with a ceiling decorated in eye-catching Persian patterns.

Inspired by the European architectural style, it also showcases Persian designs as well; the rectangular building holds a central hall with 2 big rooms on either side. The floor is of board and parquet and doors and windows are wooden. The building also highlights magnificent stuccoes illustrating splendid patterns of animals and plants. What’s more, the royal lands contain fountains right in front of the building where fish are kept.

After the Islamic revolution, it turned into a museum offering the old furniture, candelabra, antique objects, exquisite bronze and marble statues, and paintings of famous artists of the world.

The great palace, in Ramsar, is a must-do for national and international tourists alike.

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