Gachsar Tulips Garden

May 9, 2018

Can you imagine that sometimes you can travel to a spectacular place in the world featuring the same characteristics of the site in another part of the world? To clarify, do you think it is credible to go to a land with the same beauties of the original lands? If you don’t think it is true, here is a short note to tell you that sometimes you can find two or more places alike on the planet.

Those who have visited the Netherlands, already know that it is famed for its lush gardens and diverse flowers. But can you believe that you can witness a similar site in Gachsar, Alborz Province?

A copy of the flowers’ land in Europe, Gachsar Garden boasts a charming tourist attraction. Resembling the tulip lands in the Netherlands, the 1-hectare garden was founded by Allah Yar Gholami in 1987.  Crammed to the brim with a wide range of colorful tulips, the heavenly site is a famous attraction especially in late April and early May.

The free of charge visit to the garden is a pleasant journey for numerous sightseers. The beauty of flowers and exhilarating atmosphere make for an unforgettable trip. You will be surprised by the striking colors of fresh tulips in various shapes: cup-shaped, star-shaped, diverse-colored tulips, multi-petaled tulips and many more. Lots of clicks here will take place normally.

The province’s culture and tourism heritage has set up a photo exhibit beside the garden and there are booths offering tulips in pots. You can surprise your beloved friends with a gorgeous pot of the plant.

Interestingly, the highly popular garden attracted 600,000 tourists from Iran and abroad in only a 2-week duration in 2011, according to statistics.

The tulips festivity is held every year in May 5th and as of May 6th is open to the public for two straight weeks with no charges.

One last note is that in the Persian culture, tulips have long been favorite flowers symbolizing glory and victory and are often described in the Persian literature.

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