Borujerdi House

September 13, 2018

UNESCO’s properly selected prime tourist attraction in two consecutive years of 2015 and 2016, the impressive Borujerdi House is a must-see site in the lovely city of Kashan. Housed in the southeast of the city in Sultan Mir Ahmed neighborhood, the gorgeous monument boasts an impressive architecture typical in royal houses of the Qajar period. The wonderfully made semicircles of symmetrical windwards atop the building instantly catch visitors’ eyes. The building also features charming plaster work that showcases the glorious art of the prominent Persian painters Mirza Abulhassan Ghafari, who founded the first painting school in Iran, and his nephew Mirza Muhammad Khan Ghaffari Kashani, better known as Kamal Almulk.

After going through the spectacular entranced through a long, steep corridor, you enter a vibrant courtyard filled with fountains and trees.

Beside the corridor, stands the north iwan, with a five-door room on its north where guests and dignitaries were received. On either side of the room are two adjacent rooms, used mainly in wintertime as they could absorb sunlight to make a cozy, comfortable place for relaxation and sleep.

The main entrance, housed in the north part of the building, displays walls embellished with plaster Muqarnas, a form of Persian decoration for arches and vaults, meeting the ceiling arch; they are always photographed by new travelers.

The summer spot, the major part of the structure, is opposite the main entrance. Here you can see two rooms: the main hall, Shahneshin, and Tanabi hall (a large summer residence) centered with a dome containing openings for light and decorated in enchanting works of Muqarans as well.

The winter spot, beside the entry corridor in the north, includes one room, a five-window Shahneshin with charmingly ornamented plaster work. Its appropriate location with its broad and bright iwan makes it comfortable for cold winter stays.

This nationally registered heritage site is loved and visited by crowds of tourists and sightseers who appreciate old Persian architecture and its elegant arts.

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