Make it at Home in Haidarzadeh House

September 13, 2018

Tabriz, the city of Azeris, is a favorite tourist attraction to many and it’s often packed with enthusiast tourists and sightseers. Springtime is truly the best time to visit the city when you can stroll around the old neighborhoods, enjoying the pleasant air and the enchanting scent of fresh flowers and blossoms. The mountainous land with its old buildings and finely-preserved structure bring Iran’s past to life before your eyes; impressively built houses of Salmasi, Behnam, and Ganjei Zade will make for a memorable experience. Take a walk through its promenades to view the picturesque scenes of Koocheh Bagh (narrow alleys lined with trees).

An old monument, Heidarzadeh House, is assumed to have been built by the great architect Haj Habib Lak 130 years ago; it is a striking city landmark and a national historic site thanks to its splendid architecture and friendly, vibrant atmosphere. The glamorous mansion has recently undergone some restoration.

In an area of 3,000 square meters including the courtyard, the two-storey building includes two Andarooni( private quarter) and Birooni (public reception area) courtyards which are detached through a magnificent hall with inlaid carved-wood windows. Other halls also feature inlaid windows with typically set stained glass. Some believe that the architecture was inspired by Russian buddings.

There is a charming Howzkhaneh (literally pond house) downstairs, decorated with graceful arches and painted brickwork. The wide flight of stairs adds to the beauty of the house and makes it look even larger.

As an elegant work of architecture, Heidarzadeh House surprises and amazes people of different nationalities. In fact, one interesting point about this house is that you feel you are visiting a familiar place, and the sense of belonging here won’t let you leave it readily.

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