Bagh Lar Baghi Park

September 13, 2018

A recreational resort in the popular city of Tabriz, Baghlar Baghi opened to the public after the Islamic Republic revolution. It is one of the city’s three most popular parks along with the gorgeous Il Gulu and Golestan Baghi.

Before its thriving development, the grounds were filled with gardens of tall trees, flowers, and vast dense gardens of fruits, specifically apricot trees. It became a popular family destination after it was expanded for recreation and entertainment purposes in 1992.

Nestled nearby Ostad Shahriyar Boulevard, and beside Vali Asr Park, Baghlar Baghi’s area of 20 hectares puts it among the country’s largest parks.

The park’s huge restaurant offers traditional mouth-watering Tabrizi and Persian dishes. Snack booths sell ice cream and coffee.

Visitors enjoy an artificial yet marvelous waterfall and lake as well as a reception hall for happy occasions.

Those looking for thrills find them here; the amusement park presents exciting activities such as riding Kashtiye Saba, or swinging ship, train rides, visiting the horror cabin as well as air bike riding.

Another highlight is the animals’ park, where you can see bears, lions, monkeys and a variety of interesting birds such as eagle, ostriches, owls, peacocks, turkeys and parrots. Animal lovers will find it a delightful place to visit and take photos.

Opening time is from 4 p.m. through midnight. Within 8 hours, packs of families come over to spend enjoyable, cheerful time in the vibrant, vivid amusement park.

Expect a memorable visit in the fascinating pleasure gardens of Baghlar Baghi, and reward your kids with its wonderful playgrounds.

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