Nasseri Mosque

February 11, 2019

A worthwhile tourist attraction in Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan Province, Nasseri Mosque built in 1925 and reinstated in 2007 displays Qajar-style architecture. Named after his founder, Mohammad Ali Nasseri, the house of prayer features charming interior and exterior designs.

With its typical authentic structure, the place of worship, in the south of the country, boasts well-designed proportions.

Housed in the strategic place in Bandar Abbas, a vibrant city with rich cultures where merchants and traders from neighboring countries carried out their transactions, it also showcases the ceilings of sandalwoods imported from India.

The interior, too, is an attraction in itself; striking stuccos typical of the Qajar era are of note. Composed of a centerpiece dome (beautifully embellished with embossed organized geometric designs and a focal flower motif with surrounding verses of holy Quran) and 2 speckled-minarets, the mosque highlights the skill and arts by proficient craftsmen of the time.

The main wooden door showcases mosaic patterns and flowers. The arched stained-glass windows are adorned with 8-petaled flowers and create a striking scene inside the building in daytime.

In addition, inside the mosque there are 6 pillars the bottoms of which are bedecked with stone designs and capitals are decorated with bricks and gorgeous-patterned tiles. Dominant color in tiling is attractive customary azure.

With the adjacent tourist attractions such as Hindu Temple and the movie, it sounds an appropriate option for sightseers.

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