February 6, 2019

130 km southeast of Darab, Fars province, flows a pretty waterfall rushing out from the heart of a mountain. At first sight, the waterfall might sound natural but what makes it distinct and extraordinary is the fact that it contains salt, sweet, hot and cold waters : Sweet and cool in sizzling summers and salty and cold in winter. Perhaps that’s why local tourists hit the place throughout the year.

An exceptional landscape,  it allures passengers on the road to the south province of Bandarabbas.

Camping is a nice thing here; Shirazis would like to go have some fun over the weekend; Fadami is an irresistible attraction where families come together on spring and summer days.

Paddling and splashing in fountains in a dynamic, lively environment is especially amazing to the kids. So if you enjoy their company, make sure to pay a visit.
Having picnics by the river while listening to the charming sounds of waters is a memorable experience.

If you are into photography,  you will come across many gorgeous sights to capture.

Stroll around to explore the magnetic beauties here. No doubt you will adore the glamorous region.

Geology enthusiasts will fall in love with the place: they will view deep caves adorned with salt and sediment crystals and floret-shape structures all around. Faults, anticlines, geosynclines and minerals have formed these charming patterns, worth of lots of shots.

Most preferred times are spring and summer. Even though, you might run into more eye-catching views in cold seasons, you are recommended to keep a safe track and skip winter visits unless you go over with a local guide.

Local people and hotels, not far from the tourist spot, finely accommodate visitors.

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