Morshed Restaurant

September 13, 2018

A great eating house, Morshed is one of the best in the capital city of Tehran. The newly-developed eatery started its work in 2012 and has rapidly become a favorite spot for many Teharnis and foreign visitors alike.

Housed in one of the largest neighborhoods, Tajrish, it was once a small kitchen in an old house. But soon, it gained supreme popularity thanks to its friendly and vivid atmosphere; it was then expanded into a restaurant of 50 square meters.

The high-quality service and heavenly foods along with reasonable prices have all contributed to its speedy fame. A customer-oriented restaurant, it offers plenty of delectable, savory dishes in a traditionally built place, where the mud-straw walls are adorned with charming pictures and motifs as well as colorful windows. Here you can have traditional foods in traditional dishes, like pottery, round copper trays, and china pots.

You can test a variety of appetizing Persian dishes and cool drinks.  Among the most favorite dishes are: Kabab-e Barg, Kabab-e Koobide, Kabab-e Soltani, Khoresht-e Gheymeh, a tasty Persian stew, and Mirza Ghasemi, a rich meal which belongs to the north of Iran.

The staff have properly stuck to the traditional, yet healthy way of life, so unique drinks are served here: Doogh, a savory beverage made of yogurt and mint, water and herbal and fruit juices.

Friendly and warm staff of the cozy restaurant never seem to get tired of receiving numerous guests during a day.

If you are a first-timer, you are recommended to go during the week. The popular restaurant is packed with many gastronomists over the weekend so you might have to wait in queues.

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