Maqbaratoshoara Graveyard

September 13, 2018

Housed in Seghatolislam Street, in the popular northwestern city of Tabriz, Maqbarat-o-shoara mausoleum commemorates the most influential Persian literature and culture figures of the country. Also home to the tomb of the popular contemporary Tabrizi poet, Ostad Shahriyar, the original structure was damaged due to natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. Particularly after the earthquakes in 1779 and 1780 the remote cemetery was destroyed dramatically. In 1972, a contest was held to design a modern building combined with the Iranian old architecture. Gholam Reza Foruzan Mehr’s plan was approved and subsequently, the commemoration structure was established. The project lasted for 10 years and thereon turned into one of the tourist destinations for poetry lovers and culture enthusiasts.

The mausoleum outstandingly displays modernity aligned with tradition; one main reason for its popularity.

For construction, metal foundations were solidly coated with concrete and therefore it is predicted to stand safe for at least 500 years. The over 30-meter-high building is adorned by a surrounding park and a gorgeous pond in front with fountains.

A popular destination for friendly Tabrizis, it is also visited by tourists from abroad; a large crowd are drawn to this cradle of civilization to view the marvelous building home to some 400 legendary poets and mystics.

The eye-catching pictures of the fabulous Persian poet, Shahriyar, along with his poems are viewed on the interior walls. Also the pictures and information of some of the great Iranian poets are exhibited there: Asadi Tusi, Ghatran Tabrizi, Khaghani Shervani, Zahireddin Faryabi, Shahpoor Neishaboori, Zolfaghar Shervani, Maghrebi Tabrizi and Lesani Shirazi are among some of the most prominent mystics and poets buried in the cemetery.

Best time to visit is Nowrooz, when the festivity of the New Year is held in the grounds. Glamorous Sofre Haft Seen, a tablecloth embellished with 7 items whose initial letter is “s” sound, is spread in front of the eyes of many sightseers. The view is photographed by history fanatic and Persian literature admirer.

Once there, you will also have a chance to visit an art exhibition on the left-hand side of the monument, where amazing calligraphy works, beautiful paintings, and cultural items are showcased.

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